Tuesday, March 27, 2012

University to Host World Premiere of Jewish Art

[The artwork pictured here is part of the exhibiton of paintings by Ralph Gilbert]

As part of UNC Charlotte’s Violins of Hope project, the University will host the world premiere exhibition of “Not So Still Life, With Music: The Milken Archive of Jewish Music Presents Paintings by Ralph Gilbert.” The display will open Monday, April 9, at UNC Charlotte Center City in conjunction with the Americas premiere of the Violins of Hope, 18 violins recovered from the Holocaust by Israeli violinmaker Amnon Weinstein.

Gilbert was commissioned by the Milken Archive of Jewish Music to create a series of 20 oil paintings to complement 20 themed volumes of music that encompass more than 700 recordings. The artist is former associate dean for fine arts and founding director of the Center for Collaborative and International Arts at Georgia State University. The Milken Archive, based in Santa Monica, Calif., was founded by Lowell Milken in 1990. The archive seeks to preserve and promote Jewish music, and its virtual museum website (www.milkenarchive.org) is an interactive guide to music, videos, oral histories, photos and essays chronicling more than 350 years of Jewish music and culture in a land of freedom.

According to Milken, “The Violins of Hope and the Milken Archive of Jewish Music share a common purpose – the preservation, dissemination and inspiration of a culture that has not only survived but thrived.”

The exhibition works are intended to portray how music conveys emotion on a “gestural level,” according to the artist. Gilbert said he wanted to strike a balance between honoring the Jewish content of the volumes and attending to the more abstract and formal properties that give a work of art general appeal.

The display runs through Tuesday, April 24.

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