Friday, March 26, 2010

Prepare to Love this Dance Ensemble

Guest Blog by Natasha Williams
Wednesday made the first time I have ever attended The UNC Charlotte Dance Ensemble, and I must say it was amazing. I enjoyed every moment of it. The best part about it was the location and price of tickets. I only paid $6 for lower level seats in UNC Charlotte’s own Robinson Hall.

I could see and hear everything. Yes, even the dancers breathing.
The first moment, “Shadowland”, was my favorite. It was somewhat complex, and I’m not particularly sure I got the message the dancers were trying to convey. However, the message I did receive is that UNC Charlotte has amazing, exceptionally talented students.

The dancers moved gracefully, sometimes aggressively, but most of all simultaneously across the stage.

Another favorite of mine was the male dancers. I think it’s wonderful to see men dancing because dance is so often attributed to women. I think it takes quite the man to wear some of the dancers’ costumes.

The costumes were an interesting component of the dance ensemble. During one of the movements the dancers wore different flowers on their backs and hips, which gave a unique element to the entire dance. In a duet piece the two dancers wore mirroring costumes. One wore cutoff shorts and a T-shirt, while the other wore a cutoff T-shirt and pants. It was very interesting and creative.

The Dance Ensemble started Wednesday, Mar. 24 and concludes Sunday, Mar. 28. For anyone with even the slightest attraction to dance, this is a ‘must see’.

Natasha Williams is a UNC Charlotte senior majoring in Communication Studies

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