Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dumpster diver stakes claim against hunger

By Lisa Patterson

UNC Charlotte student Kaitlyn Tokay has made waves with a unique experiment designed to raise awareness of wastefulness and hunger. She’s been “dumpster diving” (retrieving discarded food for her own consumption from grocery store dumpsters) for about five months now and has been blogging about the experience – more than 1,600 people from around the world follow her posts. This week the Charlotte Observer wrote a story about Kaitlyn:

The inevitable snarky comments from readers followed, but so did genuine expressions of admiration. More than anything, Kaitlyn’s venture was meant to start a dialogue about food policy and what might be the best way to utilize the surplus in a country where thousands of people continue to go hungry. Whether you agree with Kaitlyn’s methodology or not, it sure has gotten people talking.

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