Thursday, April 11, 2013

Stake Your Claim brand is alive on campus

By John D. Bland

I recently made a presentation at New Employee Orientation, wherein I attempted to imbue new staffers at various levels, divisions and departments with the Stake Your Claim spirit; that is, I was attempting to explain why UNC Charlotte is such a dynamic place and why working here is more than just parking one’s self in a new chair in a new cubicle, office, desk or truck.

The presentation was not my usual gig. I was filling in for a vacationing colleague you delivers a more scintillating and polished indoctrination. A few of the 20-plus attendees seemed thoroughly bored, some appeared attentive to something (not necessarily me) and a few dear souls were rapt. In other words, they comprised a typical audience.

I heard myself repeating something I’ve shared with many, many new hires, prospects, colleagues inside and outside the university, friends and family. I heard myself assert that UNC Charlotte is a fantastic place to work, a place where Stake Your Claim is more than a “brand positioning” motto. 

In my experience, Stake Your Claim defines the culture of UNC Charlotte; it reflects the culture here. That’s why after more than seven years in a – dare I say – grueling and relentless type of work, I still love working at UNC Charlotte. It is the best job I’ve ever had. UNC Charlotte is never dull and – knock on wood – never staid. It is kinetic, challenging, ever-changing and a place full of opportunity.

Read the latest edition of UNC Charlotte magazine edition cover to cover (or at least flip through every page, reading the headlines, subheads and captions). Look at the photos and graphics. I hope you see what I see – the Stake Your Claim spirit on every page.

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