Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Poet Tanure Ojaide Gets Cadbury Book Award

In another indication of how UNC Charlotte affects arts and culture on a global scale, Tanure Ojaide, Frank Porter Graham Professor in the Department of Africana Studies, recently received the Cadbury Prize for Poetry awarded by the Association of Nigerian Authors for the book “The Beauty I Have Seen.”

According to the association, “The extensive range, experimentation and maturity of voice in this collection enhance the density and rich texture of the text giving it a wholesome aperture. This marvelous collection of poems coherently presents the poetic experience as a movement in three interconnected configurations – the poet as a public commentator, as one who observes and sees what others do not see (or what they see but do not assign significance) and one united with and standing in symbolic relation with the land or culture.”

Fifteen books of poetry were nominated for the Cadbury Prize; Abubakar Othman’s “The Passions of Cupid” won second prize, and third place went to “Ode on Lagos and Other Poetic Portraits” by Jeff Unaegbu.

Department chair Akin Ogundiran, in congratulating Ojaide, stated this honor consolidates the professor’s position as the preeminent poet of Africa with transnational range.

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